[Re:] Media Ossolineum Project is the subject of my bachelor thesis (BA).
The dissertation incorporates 3 main parts: 1. Authorial book design, 2. Multimedia guide, and 3. Written work at the same being the content of the book.
The project is inseparably connected with one of the oldest libraries in Poland, as well as with Polish Ossolineum Publishing House. The title of the dissertation [Re:] Ossolineum Media is directly connected with the process of digitization taking place in old and renowned libraries. The book has the form of a catalogue, within the scope of which I attempted to combine historical elements of illustration with modern forms of digitization. The illustrations are predominantly ASCII images resembling classical elements of the building of the contemporary Ossolineum library, as well as old engravings. Multimedia guide has the form of 360o panoramic images showing two worlds in which the Ossolineum library exists – the real and the digital one.
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