Template of a Poster promoting the official year of Jan Czochralski

Template of a poster promoting the official year of Jan Czochralski
2013 was the official year of Jan Czochralski. The poster was presented at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Czochralski was a Polish chemist, metal expert, and the inventor of a groundbreaking method of silicon single crystals derivation, popularly known as the Czochralski process. The said method constitutes the basis of the microprocessor production procedure. The poster depicts silicon wafers and the technology which was of exceptional importance for Jan Czochralski. The poster establishes the link with the contemporary technology to show to what extent it has been influenced by Jan Czochralski’s invention.

  • Skills

    Print Design

  • Client

    Eugeniusz Geppert Acaemy of Art and Design in Wroclaw


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